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Μηχανή Συσκευασίας Αυτόματη Μεγάλη

Code: PS-HZGP-5000


Μηχανή Συσκευασίας Αυτόματη Μεγάλη PS-HZGP-5000

Voltage: 220V/110V
Power: 1200W Filling
Range: 500-2000g
Filling Speed: 6-15pcs/min
Filling Accuracy:≥2g(Depending on the item) Packing type: back sealing
Machine Size: 96*84*260cm
Machine Weight: 133kg
Machine Weight: 133kg Bag
Lenght: 6-35cm Suitable Bag
Width: 16-25CM (can be customized)
Packing Size:
Pakcing Weight:
Material connect parts 304 Stainless Steel and machine body 201 Stainless Steel